Applicable plans:
✔ - Professional
✔ - Enterprise

The Back Office Administration Role is designed, delivered and displayed through the  Road Warrior Console.

Road Warrior is designed to take advantage of the Google Chrome browser and other browser options will produce unpredictable results.

While you can do this from any device, its best used on a Laptop or Desktop machine where you launch the Chrome Browser.



Where will this be performed ?
Via the Road Warrior Console using Google Chrome browser
What do you typically use this for ?Managing Users, Adding new Tasks (single or Bulk uploads) or Removing Tasks, Printing Reports and controlling the automated Notifications to nominated e-mail accounts.
How often ?
Normal cycle is weekly – typically on a Monday morning
Impact of this process
The latest Tasks are uploaded to the Road Warrior Framework.

Because Dates in the upload will determine when the Task appears on the device allows for more than the current week’s Tasks to be loaded.

In the same way this process also allows multiple and ongoing uploads. For example if a Task needs to be performed monthly these dates can be set up for the next quarter, cycle etc.

The user of the mobile device will only be notified of the Task on the date the task becomes available. (that doesn't mean it has to be completed on that date - just that it's now visible on the device)

The device will display only those tasks that have been allocated to a particular user and include previously published Tasks that have yet to be completed.

Tasks that have not yet been delivered to the device on the Activation date may be altered or updated.

Notifications which detail standard greetings, headings and automation of e-mails to nominated accounts are controlled by this role.
Roles Required
Back Office Administration
Permissions Required
The Back Office Administrator must be allowed to :
  • Upload new Task Scheduled 
  • Upload updated Tasks
  • Deactivate Tasks in field
  • Change the assigned Mobile User/Device
  • Print reports
  • Email Reports
  • Manage the Notifications