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Each Task will have its own workflow associated with it. The task may need to be reviewed or amended before being forwarded internally, mailed, externally or any other process according to business needs and business processes.

Shown below is an example of a Job Card Task moving through the Lifecycle 

Each User will only have access to Tasks at certain times depending on his/her Role or Permissions. Additionally, Tasks will only be available for editing / amending by certain users depending on the current stage of the Workflow in the Task Lifecycle and the User's Role or Permissions.

Each Task will have a status attached to it as it moves through the Task Lifecycle.

These Statuses are:-

Task Status

Task Status Description

In Progress
Tasks have been created by the admin, scheduling department or call-out desk.
It has been added to the Mobile Device User's list of Tasks
The task as yet has not not been submitted by the Mobile Device User.
Task has been completed by the Mobile Device User as well as submitted to the Road Warrior Framework and has been received.
The data that has been captured in field is now available for processing by the Reviewing Team or Mobile Device User if they have permission.
The Mobile Device User or Review Team with the correct permissions are able to amend or adjust the data (some fields may be intentionally prevented from being altered depending on the business case).
Awaiting Approval
The Review Team has submitted the Task for approval but the Task has not yet been approved by the Approval Manage.
The Task has been approved by the Approval Manager and the completed Document is now available to Users with access to them. They may optionally be forwarded or downloaded as required. The Task has reached the end of the Task Lifecycle.
The Task has not been approved.  The task requires further attention in order to be approved by the Approval Manager.
The Task will be rerouted to the Review Team for amendment and re-submission to the Approval Manager for approval.
The Task is shown as Overdue if the assigned task has not been approved before the Due Date of the Task has been reached.
Note : The Overdue status cannot be removed from the Task.   We use this to track performance to enable you to optimise your processes.  It is always in addition to the other statuses.

Example: A Task can be Overdue and still be Awaiting Approval or can be Approved and Overdue.